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Simple Accounting is designed to be reliable under almost all conditions, so if something unexpected comes up, don’t panic: there is usually a simple explanation (no pun intended.) Below is a list of solutions to the most common problems you may encounter.

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  • If you have a question regarding a procedure, please check our How Tos for step-by-step instructions to performing many common tasks.
  • For complete discussion of every feature, check the documentation, which is constantly updated based on user feedback.
  • And if you are still having trouble, please send us a Support Ticket, or contact your RSS Technical Representative.

All confirmed bugs discovered in any Simple Accounting product are repaired free of charge.

Most Popular Inquiries

  • Help System Does Not Work

    When I click on any of the Help items from the , nothing happens. This can sometimes happen if you are using Simple Accounting on a network due to a long-standing bug in Windows. There are a three workarounds: In Windows make sure you set your workstation’s PATH to include the network location of SAFE.... Read more.

  • Generated Acrobat PDF Is Blank

    You generate a PDF from a report and it appears blank. Typically this will occur when you are running Simple Accounting via Terminal Services, Remote Desktop or Citrix. There is always a small time-delay between when Simple Accounting passes off the report to the server to create the PDF. If there is a failure to... Read more.

  • Browse Boxes Show No Data Or All -1s!

    Press Ctrl-Alt-W. Simple Accounting can save the size and position of each for each Employee. This option is enabled in User Options. However, there can be a problem. If you have this enabled and you switch monitors or you log in on another machine with a different sized monitor, this sizing information stored in your... Read more.

  • Trouble Connecting Via Web-Based Remote Control

    If you are having trouble connecting to Simple Accounting via a remote control application (such as LogMeIn™ or GoToMeeting™) here are a couple of things to keep in mind: Remember that you are a database user regardless of where you are connected. If you are not licensed for the multi-user version of Simple Accounting you... Read more.

  • Trouble Connecting To Terminal Services

    A very common issue we see in attempting to use Terminal Services (also known as Remote Desktop) is that many anti-virus programs and routers will by default block port 3389. This must be open and forwarded to the terminal server (the machine you wish to connect to) in order to connect. Read More

  • Error: Attempt to post to an invalid G/L Period

    It sounds like you haven’t been running the necessary Period/Year End updates. SAFE needs to prepare the ‘buckets’ to hold data about the current g/l period. If you don’t run the Period Update, it has no place to store that information. 1. Go to FILES|Setup|General Ledger Options 2. Change the Year to 2014 and the... Read more.

  • Commissions Not Calculating Properly On Report

    There are several reasons why comissions may not display properly on the report(s). The first thing to check is the Commission Locked column which is the rightmost column of report. If you see a ‘1’ or a ‘2’ in this column that means that the commission is locked and is not automatically re-calculated every time... Read more.

  • The Program Locks Up For One Employee When Accessing A Certain Function

    First, open Task Manager and see if Simple Accounting is still running or has ‘stopped responding’. If it is still running, the next question is: ‘Has this operator recently installed new hardware of some kind?’ If so, it’s important to keep in mind that Simple Accounting ‘remembers’ the hardware for each Employee ID (ie. the... Read more.

  • Your Customer Aging is not in balance with G/L A/R

    When running a Period Update You may see the above warning. The message means that your Customer Aging report does not match the G/L balance for the controlling Accounts Receivable account. Normally, the total of your customer aging should match your G/L A/R balance. Similarly the total of your vendor aging should match your G/L... Read more.

  • Invalid Filter Option

    When I attempt to run a Query, I get an ‘Error 90’ message followed by ‘Bad Or Invalid Filter Option specified.’ This can happen if the Filter Option is invalid, ie. it refers to a field in the database which does not exist. Most often this is because the option was misspelled. Try this: Determine... Read more.

Information We Need To Help You

Please be sure to have the following information ready before contacting us:

  1. The program name and version. This can be accessed by selecting HELP|About from the Main Menu.
  2. The module you’re using within the program. This is displayed in the Status Line at the bottom left of the screen.
  3. Make and model number of your computer, printer, monitor, the amount of electronic memory and your version of Windows. Find this by right clicking on the My Computer icon and selecting Properties from the drop-down menu.
  4. If this is a Run-Time Error, we will need the complete message.

    Use the E-Mail button in the Run-Time Errors Dialog Box to send us a complete report, including a screen capture of the latest know state of the program. If this is not possible, please use the Support Ticket form.



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