Inventory Control For Scanners, Tablets And Smart Devices

Let your employees, customers and vendors operate Simple Accounting for Forms Experts
via hand-held devices!

As it’s name implies, WebSAFE gives you the functionality of SAFE from any device with an internet browser, including PCs, laptops, tables and smartphones. Users can use run place orders and releases, print invoices and checks as easily as connecting with any other web site on the Internet. This ability opens up a world of new possibilities for your company:

How It Works

A user simply connects to your site and begins using WebSAFE like any other web application. Efficient, standards-based code and simplified entry screens insure ease of use and fast response.

This means that your sales people, employees and customers can access most of the functions of SAFE from anywhere with as many connections as your  web host can handle. No scripts. No extra programs. No remote control software. No messy communication setups. The only requirements for a WebSAFE user are a device capable of running a modern Javascript-enabled browser, such as Internet Explorer 8 or above, Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari.

  • How much does WebSAFE cost?

    $5,995 for a single server license. There is no limit on concurrent users connected to each licensed server.

  • Are there additional costs?

    The only additional costs will be for the web server, either in-house or the cost of hosting with an ISP.

  • What software do I need to run WebSAFE on my own Web server?

    1) WebSAFE2) Microsoft Windows Server with IIS and ASP.NET enabled

    3) A Static IP address

    4) A domain name (eg. www.myformsbusiness.com)

  • Can I limit individual users to specific functions?

    Absolutely! WebSAFE is managed using the same Simple Accounting Security Extensions as in SAFE for Windows. SASE allows you to change which menus, icons, buttons and so forth are on screen for every user who logs in to SAFE whether over the Internet or in your office.

    To demonstrate our point this, click here to view two versions of the same data entry screen for a sales order line item; the first a view for a user in your office, the second appropriate for a remote customer doing on-line ordering. Note the simplified look of the second example.

  • Can we customize the look and feel of our web site?

    Of course! WebSAFE appears just like any other link on a web page. Design your own web site and place your link to WebSAFE where you want it, or have our designers custom create a complete web site to your taste. We can design a consistent look and feel with advanced features that intelligently present WebSAFE to users who are supposed to have access but does not even display to those who are not!

  • How do I know I am getting the right components for my server?

    That’s what we’re here for! If your volume warrants an in-house server, the easiest solution is to purchase Microsoft’s Small Business Server® software bundle. This includes all the components required to run SAFE and WebSAFE plus Microsoft Exchange for e-mail and faxing and SQL Server for managing databases.

  • Where does the application run?

    If you are using an in-house web server, WebSAFE lives on your server. You can also install WebSAFE on any Linux based web hosting service.

  • Where does the data reside?

    If you are running WebSAFE on an in-house server, you’re using the same database as SAFE for Windows. This has the advantage of concurrency; any transaction entered in WebSAFE is instantly available in SAFE.

    If you are running on an external web host and you are also using SAFE for Windows in your office, transactions are from WebSAFE are updated to SAFE for Windows according to a timer (typically in fifteen minute increments.)

  • What about security? Could someone break into our site?

    WebSAFE enables the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) found on most Web servers. This is the encryption standard of the industry. It prevents unauthorized users from interecepting your data off the net. Also, our SASE add-on program offers data encryption to prevent users from copying data to their local machines.

  • What is the recommended setup for remote hosting?

    WebSAFE should run on any web hosting plan that supports MySQL5 and PHP5. However, we strongly recommend the use of a dedicated server plan and not a shared hosting plan. Although the feature set of shared hosts seems adequate there is a reason they tend to be so inexpensive—slow response! WebSAFE requires the bandwidth that usually is only available via dedicated server packages.

  • Do you provide hosting services or can you recommend a host?

    No. We do not re-sell hosting services because we prefer to remain neutral and objective. Every business has different needs. We can give you recommendations based on current customer feedback, but we recommend a bit of research as hosting performance changes frequently among the larger companies.

  • How do I know I am getting a good deal from my Internet Provider? Access charges vary greatly

    This is a tough one for lots of businesses as the market for internet services is still relatively immature.

    If you host your own web server, you may have only one choice.

Product Interface Key Features Additional
Target User Price
WebSAFE HTML Provides most SAFE features on any internet browser In-house web server (IIS) or a dedicated external host No additional costs. Very customizable. $5,995
ThinSAFE Windows Provides access to all SAFE features with the familar Windows interface. Terminal Services and Remote Desktop licenses or Citrix RDX Fastest performance. Great for Windows users. $1,295
PDAXtensions Scanner or Smartphone Provides one button counts, reorders and inventory tracking functions Intermec scanner or Android ‘Ice Cream’ enabled device Inventory control, order history, releases $695



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