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Programs And Documents Supporting Simple Accounting

Our documentation is distributed in PDF format for use with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Sales Literature
SAFE Brochure The current color brochure. Includes information on SAFE, Suntower Systems and all our products and services.
Sample Forms! Preview the included invoices, POs, statements and checks. Remember that any and all forms may be customized to your exact specifications with our Forms Design Service.
End User License Agreement This document contains our complete license, guarantee and warranty for Simple Accounting software.
StartUp! An instruction sheet for installing SAFE, including tips on working with the sample data in the Demonstration Company.
Laundry List! OK, you’ve made the decision. Congratulations! Now you need to know how to get your operation converted from your existing system to SAFE! The Laundry List tells you the things you need to do to in order to get rolling, including: data conversion, checking your hardware, getting forms designed, and making certain your office is ready for our Remote Support Service®;.
Ollie End User Document This document describes the features and benefits of Ollie, our easy to use e-commerce solution, for your end users and potential customers.
Processing Orders For Finished Goods! This document explains using Blind Line Items to process orders for Finished Goods or ‘Bills Of Materials’–orders in which there are multiple vendors and stages of production but for which you only want to bill your customer for the final product.
Queries! This document explains Queries in more detail, plus gives information on key fields in Simple Accounting data files which are used to
determine order status, payment status, etc. Knowledge of these is essential to getting the Queries to give you the answers you need!.
Sales Order WorkFlow! Sales Orders in SAFE are much more flexible than in other accounting systems, but to really take advantage of the speed and ease of use requires some explanation if you’re used to doing things ‘the good old way’! This document aims at speeding up the learning curve by stressing that in SAFE, ‘an order is an order is an order…’

After you download a file, you will need to copy it into your Simple Accounting folder. If it is an EXE, you will also have to execute that program in order for it to become part of SAFE (always backup your Simple Accounting folder before incorporating any new files!)

Filter Options This file contains the available selections for SAFE queries. This determines which fields you can query on reports or use to locate a particular record in a browse.
Sort Options This file contains the available selections for WinSAFE queries. This determines which fields you can use to sort records in a report or browse.
This file contains the standard queries included with SAFE. Queries are a way to save all your filter and sort options for a particular report. These standard Queries are those most commonly requested for day to day reporting tasks in Sales History, A/R, A/P and Forms Management.
Query Manager Query Manager is a program that lets you add to the sort, filter and standard queries provided with Simple Accounting. Need a new field to filter on a report? Add it yourself! Query Manager also provides a utility to automatically update the standard queries with new program versions without disturbing your own
Data Dictionary This file provides a data dictionary for use with our ReportWriter. This makes setting up your own reports much easier as it allows you to graphically relate files and provides detailed explanations of all fields used in each table.
File Recovery Utility This program repairs a variety of types of damage to Simple Accounting for Windows data files. It should be used

This file should be used only under the supervision of Suntower Systems.

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