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Generate PDFs from any SAFE report or form

It also integrates with the built-in SAFE e-mailer as well as Ollie and WebSAFE to provide a one-button system for transmitting documents electronically.


PDFxtensions is completely transparent. After installation it adds a PDF button to the Print Preview on all reports. To generate a PDF, simply press the button!


Additionally, you can use PDFxtensions to e-mail forms to customers, vendors and contacts. For example, let’s say you have a batch of purchase orders. Instead of printing them to paper, you can instead, e-mail them to their respective vendors, using the e-mail addresses you have set up in their Vendor Masters. With PDFxtensions, SAFE will generate a separate PDF for each PO, then attach that PDF to each e-mail. Your recipients get a clear, totally legible purchase order (no worries about readability as with faxes) and you get an audit trail of what was sent (your e-mail outbox).


When you e-mail PDFs of forms, you can also attach other files such as graphics. So when you e-mail a PO for a given product, you not only attach the PDF, but also any artwork files you have already linked to the product in SAFE (remember how we did that in our last issue?) You now have a fool proof way to ensure that your vendor gets all the materials he needs to print your job; every time.

The Ollie Connection

And if that wasn’t enough, PDFXtensions has two great options to further enhanced Ollie.

PDF Forms

If you are accepting templated (business cards, letterhead, etc.) orders from customers these templated PDFs can automatically be attached to your POs as well. So your vendor gets not only the PO, but also the artwork (which your customer automagically created in Ollie!) and all you had to do was press the [Print] button!

This works great not only for POs, but also for customer statements (if you’ve ever received an electronic statement from us that’s how it’s done.), RFQs, invoices, forms management reports and in fact almost any document generated from SAFE. SAFE will route it to the proper e-mail address intelligently.

And you can get even more creative: for example, we use PDFs for our training contracts. We e-mail the PDF contract to customers and attach that PDF to the sales order so that we can always refer back to the original (there’s that Linked Image idea again!) Maybeyour company has forms or contracts that you can do the same with?

PDF Flattener

By default PDF Forms generated with Ollie stay on your server; only the form is sent to your client. However, you can also purchase PDF Flattener, an optional plug-in for Ollie which creates a traditional PDF with all text and graphics. This can be useful for plants that have trouble with PDF Forms, or clients which want to use their own artwork.

Learn more about PDF Flattener



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