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Forms Design Service

Customize every form and report to fit your needs.

One of the benefits of Simple Accounting is its adaptability. This includes the ability to set up the system to print any forms using almost any combination of design and functionality you choose. This section describes how this works, some minor limitations and how you go about getting them.


In Simple Accounting, a form is defined as a printed object that can be modified to fit a particular customer’s needs. Typically, it is used for transactional/contractual documents such as invoices, statements and accounts payable checks. Contrast this with Reports which are the same for all Simple Accounting customers.

Simple Accounting ships with a default set of forms which are which are referred to as the Standard Forms and you can review them here. Using these as a starting point, we can easily modify any form to customize the positioning and field contents of each form to your taste. We can specify what data will be placed on the page and where it will be placed, as well as rules, boxes, images (such as your logo!) and shading.

To have aIt’s Simple! Just provide the information below. Once we’ve checked that we have everything we need, we’ll send you a confirmation note and get to work.

The Four Things We Need

Artwork Simply send us several samples of the forms you wish to use, or a replica of any examples proposed to you by your forms dealer. Please do not send us facsimiles or photocopies as these tend to have distortions which affect our ability to determine the correct positioning of text on the page.

If you would like separate purchase order designs for various types of forms you buy (for example, a separate design for labels vs. one for cut sheets or business cards, each of these is billed as a separate design.

Images If you are sending images, these should be in a standard bitmapped format; either BMP, WMF, or TIF. If you send other formats there may be an additional charge for conversion. Also, there will be a separate charge for any hard copy images that need to be scanned.
Presentation You should also include information regarding how data should be presented on the form:
The formatting of each field, including length in characters, positioning, type size and style, all caps, bold, italics, etc. Also a description of the purpose of each field is important. There are three considerations to keep in mind regarding each field:

  1. If you wish to use calculated fields please be sure to provide the specific formula or reference to the data you wish to display. For example, our customer order entry does not specifically store a back order quantity. However, this can be calculated and displayed on the invoice simply by subtracting the shipped
    quantity from the original ordered quantity.
  2. You may find that you want to include fields not currently included on the your current forms. Simply inform us of the change, and we’ll do the rest. Examples might be the vendor’s Contact Name on a purchase order or the full name of the Employee (salesperson), rather than just his code on an invoice.
  3. You may also find that in creating a new form definition there are minor incompatibilities with your existing forms due to the structure of the Simple Accounting database. For example, your existing purchase order form may only provide enough room for a twenty character vendor name. However, Simple Accounting provides up to fifty characters for a vendor name and so demands more space on the printed line. In a case like this, you must decide if changing the form design to accommodate the increased characters is warranted, or if printing only the first twenty characters of the name will be acceptable.
Printer Type We’ll need to know what printer make and model these will be used with.

If you wish to fax forms from your desktop you may need to order a separate design for printing and faxing. In other words, forms designed for printing may need to be changed in order to fax properly.

You may wish to use a pre-printed purchase order form and have us design a print version which simply fills in the various fields on the form. You may also want to fax this form from your computer. Obviously the computer cannot fax the pre-printed form so we would design you a separate fax version of the form which filled in the various elements of the pre-printed form (headings, rules, blockouts, etc.) in addition to the fields. In this case you would be charged for designing two forms (print and fax) even though both forms are used for the same purpose in Simple Accounting.

Get Started!

Contact Us to have us design your custom forms today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the costs?

    There is a base charge of $90 per form, however complex forms may cost more. There are significant discounts for having multiple forms designed at once. Please contact us for a quote.

  • Why not just use the Standard Forms?

    Of course, the included forms are professionally designed to fit the needs of most companies. Review the Standard Forms. In fact, most our clients can (and will) use these for the majority of their work.

    However, virtually all our customers take advantage of this service for at least a few forms.

    Why? Your forms say a lot about your company. It only makes sense to have them look exactly the way you want them to!

    Also, you may specialize in a particular range of products with specific construction features. Many of our customers have a particular purchase order design they’ve been using for years. Simple Accounting allows you to keep using your forms.

  • How does this affect program updates

    We guarantee that your forms will function properly with each update to Simple Accounting.

  • What happens when you add new capabilities to the Standard Forms?

    Though we frequently add new features to the core software you may not see all of them on your forms. Why? These forms are something like their own ‘program’ that communicates with Simple Accounting. Their capabilities are frozen when you have them designed (that is how we make sure they remain compatible with each update.) As Simple Accounting gains new features, your form may not know what to do with it. In that case, you may decide to ignore it (again, the form will continue to function). But if it’s a feature which you feel you need, you can have the form re-built to accommodate the new feature for a nominal fee (typically $45.)



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