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Remote Support Service

A complete plan to protect and enhance your IT investments

An RSS subscription provides comprehensive support for all the products and services we provide, including SAFE.

RSS! gives you up to twelve hours of support services for any software or hardware we provide within any twelve month period. In addition to voice and e-mail, we can also log into your system to provide solutions to immediate problems. We can also use this facility to provide software setup, training, automatic updates, and other services such as off-site backup of your precious data.

Additionally,your RSS subscription entitles you to significant discounts on all the products and services we offer, including free updates to Simple Accounting!

We’re certain you’ll find RSS! to be not just a great benefit to your company, but a bargain as well.

Remote Access Software We use Microsoft’s Remote Desktop or Citrix Go To Meeting to a single computer on your network.
Scheduling Time When you need service, e-mail us to schedule a time—usually after normal business hours. Before the scheduled time, just make sure your computer is active. We will then call your computer and go to work.

If we schedule to connect with your system after business hours, we cannot guarantee a specific time to provide that service during the evening. For that reason, you should make certain that your system will be available for us for that entire night, until 6:00 am EST. This is in no way detrimental to your hardware. You should contact us if other arrangements are necessary. Your subscription will be charged for support time if you agree to make your system available to us during the night and it is not ready for us to access.

What Happens While We’re On-Line? When accessing your computer we have, essentially, complete control over that computer, just as if we were sitting at your console typing. We even have the capability to prevent you from accessing your keyboard (to prevent you from accidentally interrupting us while we are working). During training, you can see what we type on your screen and we can see what you type. It is a bit like having a ghost typist looking over your shoulder.

We can also transfer files to and from your system. We often do this for the following reasons:

  • To diagnose a problem on our system using your data. In this case we would hang up on your system, analyze your data in our office, then dial back in later to finish our work. This is our most common operation.

  • To provide an instant update of your software. This gets you our latest versions as soon as possible, completely installed and ready to go.

  • To provide data backup for your important files in cases where your hardware is unreliable and will need to be serviced. This is often the only reliable way to make a system backup in cases of hardware failure.

Obtaining Permission We will never attempt to access your computer without first obtaining your permission.
Security We can only contact the computer you designated and only when that machine’s remote access is enabled. Your computer will be configured to block connections from computers which do not match our IP address.

Types Of Support Provided This contract entitles your company (you) to twelve hours of support services for the software and hardware we sell and lease within a twelve month period by Suntower Systems (us) beginning on date of first support chargeable to your account. This covers normal software and hardware maintenance, the definition of which is left solely to our discretion.
Methods Of Support Provided Support may be provided via modem, fax, voice, or at your business site at our discretion. The time can be used for training, problem solving, or to get an expert opinion about any question related to business computing.
Rights To Access You give us the right to access your computer for the sole purpose of supporting your system and our hardware and software products. You agree to allow us to utilize your computers in any manner consistent with that purpose.

How Time Is Charged To Your Account You are charged for support in fifteen minute increments. Any work we do for you, either by phone, fax, modem, on site, or at our offices, is charged against your subscription. Routine questions can usually be answered by our knowledgeable staff. Calls under 15 minutes in length are not charged to your subscription. Unused time is not applicable to next year’s subscription.
Billable Services Quoted First Should you request a service which we determine to be billable under the terms of this agreement, you will be given a quotation before any work is performed.
Option To Renew Customers in good standing will be given the option to renew their subscription at the prevailing rate. Though rate increases are rare, you may also pre-pay for multiple blocks of time at the current rate.
Terms Of Termination Either party may terminate this contract at any time with prior written notice. After termination, no further support will be provided and we will refrain from attempting to access your system. You will be entitled to a pro-rated refund of the unused portion of your current subscription. If you have received pre-packaged software, our normal sale price will be deducted from your refund if the software is no longer in a re-saleable condition.

Security We will make every reasonable effort to protect the security of your computer data. We promise to not share its contents with anyone else for any reason, and to not use it for purposes other than those necessary to maintain your system and without your express permission. We cannot accept responsibility for the
confidentiality or safety of your data from unauthorized persons.
Limits Of Liability We will in no event be liable for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from any defect, error or failure to perform resulting from services performed, or not performed as part of this contract, even if Suntower Systems has been previously informed of that possibility. Your sole remedy in any case shall be limited to a refund of the balance of subscription per the Terms Of Termination previously described. Granting us permission (either oral or written) to access your system, indicates your acceptance of all the terms and conditions stated herein.

Key Benefits

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  • Up To Twelve Hours Of Support!

    RSS! entitles you to up to twelve hours of support services for the software and hardware we sell and lease within any twelve month period for $799.00 pre-paid. Support may be provided on-line (internet remote control connected to your computer), by fax, by voice, or at your business site at our discretion. This time can be used for training, problem solving, or to get an expert opinion about any question related to business computing.

  • Premium Options!

    You can also choose a Premium Support Option which provides unlimited support time per twelve month period and a guarantee of priority response. At the Premium Level you are always first in line when you need help! Companies will choose this option as they add more users, remote offices or options such as WebSAFE and Ollie. Contact us for pricing.

  • Free Subscription To News From The Suntower!

    Each bi-monthly issue is chock full of information for PC users everywhere. Columns include software, networking, hardware, Windows, and of course, Simple Accounting. The presentation is easy enough for beginners but also contains important information for advanced users. Our newsletter often makes sense out of topics that magazines only make confusing.

  • Overnight Software Maintenance
    (M-F 11pm to 7am EST)

    For major problems, simply give us a description of the problem and make sure your Remote Access software is active. We will examine your system and either resolve the problem immediately, or contact you to schedule billable service time.

  • Emergency!

    Suntower Systems is equipped to provide you with same day service in the event of catastrophes. Such services are not free and are billable at prevailing rates.

  • Great Discounts!

    We provide authorized training to RSS! subscribers at a very reasonable hourly rate for Novell®, Microsoft Windows® and, of course, our own Simple Accounting. These sessions are conducted by prior appointment only and may be conducted remotely, or on-site at our discretion.

    Get up to 50% off on many software and hardware products with your subscription to RSS! We offer fine products and services from Intel, Microsoft and of course, Simple Accounting.

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