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Automating Bank Withdrawals And Payments

If you have expenses which are automatically withdrawn from your bank account on a regular basis you can use the following procedure to streamline entering this information into Simple Accounting. Begin by entering each recurring withdrawal as a Recurring A/P Invoice. This is very similar to the procedure for entering A/P Bills. If there is… Read more.

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Enter A Sales Order For Bill As Shipped Inventory

Set up a new Product. Make sure it is set as Distributor Owned and linked to the Customer ID. If you have an agreed upon unit price, you can enter this as well. Create a Sales Order for full amount of the item to be stored. On the Line Item, make sure that you show… Read more.

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Version-Specific SQL Server Recommendations

If you have SQL Server 2008. You should enable the option ‘Optimize For Ad Hoc Workloads’ If you have SQL Server 2005. You should enable the option ‘Forced Parameterization’

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Period Thirteen

A thirteenth period is often used by companies as a placeholder at the end of the year for adjustments to the books before closing. These are often provided by the accountant. Examples might be debt write-offs or interest deductions or earnings from investments that aren’t reported until well after December (if that’s the end of… Read more.

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Google GMail Support

You can use Ollie and SAFE with Google GMail. However with Ollie you must be sure to configure your On-Line Options for each Customer in the proper manner. Specifically: The On-Line Option ContentTransferEncoding must be left blank. The Port must be set to 465 You must use SSL.

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PDF Preview File Name Path

It is useful to store PDFs in a centralized location for backup and review as needed. So Simple Accounting gives you control over the generated name of the PDF file as well as the folder when you print a Report or Form. The Path (the folder or directory) in which the PDF is stored is… Read more.

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