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OS/SAFE For Android Is Here!

We are very pleased to announce that OS/SAFE is now available for Android devices!

Two years ago, when we first offered OS/SAFE for iOS, the iPhone was the dominant mobile device for our customers. But not any more. Android devices are now more than 50% of the mobile devices market and we have heard you!

The Android version of OS/SAFE is exactly the same feature set as our iOS version, but tailored to the slightly different user interface of Android. You get the same great:

  • Order history
  • One button re-orders
  • Inventory control
  • Bar code scanning
  • Contact Manager integration with the Phone, Contacts, Messenger and GMail apps
  • And (as they say) much, much more!

Learn More About OS/SAFE

To learn how you can use OS/SAFE to more effectively manage your entire business and greatly improve your organization’s productivity click here.

Get OS/SAFE For Android

And if you’re already using OS/SAFE, the Suntower Systems OS/SAFE app is available now, either directly from us by contacting your customer service representative or from the Google Play Store.



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