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Processing Orders In SAFE

Ahhhh, the moment you’ve been waiting for. Orders are being entered in Ollie. Now what? Now, we look at how to identify orders when they show up in SAFE, how to process those
orders, and how to help users when they have difficulties.

The Sales Transaction Browse

All orders, regardless of their status appear in the Sales Order Browse. On line orders are characterized by their Contact ID, a User ID, an Approver Contact ID and a Cost Center.
The Contact ID represents the person for whom the order was placed. This is either the person who logged into Ollie unless the logged in User was order on behalf of this Contact ID.
The User ID is the actual User ID who logged into Ollie and entered the order.
The Entry Date and Time represent the exact time the order was created in Ollie by the User ID. The Approver Contact ID is the Contact ID of the person who approved the order (duh!). But it’s
worth mentioning that, if the order required more than one approval, this will contain the Contact ID of the last person to approve the order; in other words the final approval which triggered Ollie to move it into the ‘live’ order status.
The Cost Center, is of course, the Cost Center for which the order is applied.
Ollie Orders in the Sales Transaction Browse may be identified by their Order Status.

U The order has been created by the User and has not been submitted.What it means? This simply means that there are one or more items in the User’sShopping Cart.What you can do? SAFE will allow you, the DA, to cancel the order, however you may not edit the order.
W The original User ID has submitted the order and it is’ not waiting for approval.What it means? The order is simply means that there are one or more items in the User’sShopping Cart.What the User can do? Once the order is submitted, the original User may not edit the
order, since it has left their Shopping Cart. However he/she may still cancel it by going tothe Ollie Item History screen.What the Approver can do? The Approver will receive an e-mail indicating tha the order requires review and approval. The Approver can either approve the order, send a note back to the User requesting revisions, cancel the order, or, if allowed, edit the order outright. All this he or she does from the Ollie User Manager.What you can do? SAFE will allow you, the DA, to cancel the order, or approve the order, however you may not edit the order.
Q The order has been approved (or the order required no approval) and is now ‘live’.What it means? The order is ready to fulfill.What the User can do? If the customer only allows one unapproved order at a time, this means that the User is now free to enter a new order.What you can do? Go for it! The order is now waiting in the On Line Approved tab of theSales Transaction Browse.

Additionally, each Sales Order will also carry over the Purchase Order Number and Customer
Notes the User entered when they submitted their Shopping Cart.

Inside A Sales Order Created By Ollie

Keep in mind that an Ollie order may consist of not only multiple line items but also multiple line item types. Which is to say that there may be items to be Released from inventory and items to be manufactured and items to be drop shipped and Imprint items with attached artwork (PDFs). How to keep track of it all?
Each line item generated from Ollie has the following characteristics which the User selected in their Shopping Cart:
· A shared Ship To address.
· A shared Ship Via
· A shared Needed By date
But as important as the information each line item shares, is the information it doesn’t. And this includes:

The On Line Order Type, which indicates from which screen the line item originated:

On LineOrder Type Order ScreenIn Ollie Line Item Type In SAFE Notes
R Release R
S Stock Order N or E If the line item was added directly from the Stock Order screen, the SAFE Line Item Type is ‘New’. If it was added by clicking on the ‘Add From Previous Order’ cell in Ollie’s Item History screen, then it is marked as ‘Exact Repeat’.
T Imprint/Template Order N

Linked Art Work: If the On Line Order Type was ‘T’ then there will be a PDF and FDF file attached with the item. This is automatically forwarded to the manufacturer if you generate a Purchase Order and then e-mail directly from SAFE using the PDFXtensions™ option.

SAFE Reporting For Ollie

Now even though Ollie contains many useful reports, you will find that your customers will still want reporting which is unavailable in Ollie. Further, due to security concerns, they may not want web-based reports but rather prefer that you (the DA) provide them with reporting.
SAFE provides a number of reports as part of it’s suite of Forms Management features which are designed to handle this. These reports are accessed via the Customer Browse by pressing the
‘Print’ button, then selecting Reports and Forms Management.
Forms Management reports have several advantages over the standard SAFE reports:
1. They are customer-specific. This means that they gather data for the selected customer automatically.
2. They may be modified to suit particular customers. For example, you may have several versions of any given F/M report—depending on the type of customer you are serving.

And of course, each report also has the attributes of any SAFE report, including:
1. The ability to be printed as an Adobe Acrobat PDF.

2. The ability to be easily converted to an electronic format in tab or comma delimited format.
Each of these is discussed in detail in the SAFE On Line Help.

Last Revision: 11.12.2012


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