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Regarding The Year 2000

The following text states our policy on  concerns you may have regarding the so-called ‘Y2K bug.’

The Year 2000 problem is the result of programming practice which was common in software development until quite recently, ie. storing dates as two digits (’98 for 1998 for example). As a result of this practice, many programs and devices may not be able to distinguish between dates on or after January 1, 2000 and the same day of the year one century earlier!

For example, you may key in a date ’01/15/00′ and the computer print out ‘January 15, 1900’. The effects of this can be minor or severe depending on many factors of hardware and software including programs you may run through your network and modem as well as on your own computer. Suntower Systems has no way of predicting all possible implications to your company, but we can state the following:

  • Every single copy of Simple Accounting&tm; software, including all add-on software that we have produced since 1987 is guaranteed to be fully Y2K compliant, even if the computer upon which it runs is not Y2K compliant.
  • All other products, including software and hardware we currently sell are certified by their respective manufacturers as being fully Y2K compliant.
  • Suntower Systems cannot accept any liability or responsibility for damages resulting from lack of Y2K compliance on products or services not manufactured by Suntower Systems.
  • Even if a program or device is Y2K compliant, it may not function properly as a result of interactions with other non-Y2K devices or programs. For example, some program you may use may well be Y2K compliant, but depend upon data from the clock chip in your PC to process dates correctly. Many computers are still known to have non-Y2K compliant internal clocks. This clock problem may cause an otherwise compliant software program to process dates incorrectly.

We know this is a charged topic and will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have. Click here to contact us for more information on this issue.



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