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Automating Bank Withdrawals And Payments

If you have expenses which are automatically withdrawn from your bank account on a regular basis you can use the following procedure to streamline entering this information into Simple Accounting.

  1. Begin by entering each recurring withdrawal as a Recurring A/P Invoice. This is very similar to the procedure for entering A/P Bills. If there is a unique identifier your Vendor or bank uses for this transaction, enter it here.
  2. When you receive notification from your bank (on your bank statement perhaps), go to the Recurring A/P Browse and tag each transaction which has been debited.
  3. When you tag a Recurring Transaction a Payment Window will appear (very similar to the one you use in the A/P Bills Browse before check printing.) However in this case, you can also enter a Check Number or click the ‘Auto Assign’ box to tell SAFE to use a computer-generated ID.

    Just cancel this window if you are converting Recurring Transactions to ‘live’ A/P Bills, but do not wish to tag them for payment.

  4. Now press the Convert button to transfer each of these transactions over to A/P. Make sure to select the ‘Tag For Payment’ option.
  5. Go to the A/P Bills Browse. Make sure that only the A/P Transactions you just converted are tagged.
  6. Press the ‘Manual’ button. A window will appear notifying you that all the tagged transactions appear to be recurring transactions and ask if you mean to post all of these as a batch into the Check Register.
  7. Answer ‘Yes’. This will automatically convert these A/P Transactions into Manual Checks in the Check Register using the Check Number you specified in Step #1.
Last Revision: 01.8.2013


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