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Pre-Printed Forms

Simple Accounting is compatible with a wide variety of standard forms and label types as described below.

Simple Accounting can also be made compatible with nearly any pre-printed form you are currently using, or would like to use, with our Forms Design Service.

Standard Forms

Suntower Systems has a library of standard forms which work with the following items available from New England Business Forms (NEBS) at 800-388-3810. You can receive formats for any of these forms immediately and at no extra charge. Call NEBS or us for samples.

9595 1099-MISC Red C LJ 4 8½x11″
9005 Check Blue C 1-2 8½x7″ 2-Section
9023-2 Check Green C 1-2 8½x7″
9209-1 Check Green LJ 1 8½x11″
9049-5 Invoice Grey C 2-5 8½x7″ Last part is packing slip
9051-4 Invoice White C 2-4
9358-1 Label Custom C 1 3½x1-7/16″
9375-A Label Custom C 1 4×3¼ Stock, 6 per page
9390-1 Label Custom C 1 3-7/8 x 2-7/8″
9376-1 Label Custom LJ 1
12181 Multi-Purpose W/Y/P C 1-4 8½x11″  P.O.s, invoices, pack/slips
9270-1 Post Card Custom C 1 4×6″
9055-3 Purchase Order W/Y/P C 1-3 8½x11″
9057-5 Sales Order Grey C 3-5 8½x11″
13035 Statement Blue LJ 1 8½x11″
9060-3 Statement W/Y/P C 1-3 6½x7″
9207-2 Statement Blue C 1-2 8½x7″ 2-Section

Standard Labels

Simple Accounting provides labels formatted for the following Avery products. Compatible labels may also be used.

5160 L 3 Wht/Clr Return Address
5164 L 2 White Large Shipping Label


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