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  • Imaging: Scan Man!
  • Great Deal On Translog!
  • Ciarān's Corner: Quick Tips!

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Imaging: It Ain't Everything, But...!
You use imaging every day. But are you using it in SAFE?
In our continuing quest to examine some under-utilized features of SAFE, today we talk about using the various image management features in SAFE.

Linked Images
There is a database in SAFE which holds the names of image files which are used in SAFE. These are called Linked Images. Linked Images are connected with the following SAFE functions. Remember, you can link any number of images to each of these

Each of these screens allow you to assign one or more Linked Images to them. For example, you might link a client's artwork to their Product; or to an RFQ to be sent to a Vendor; or a Purchase Order. Wherever you see the Mona Lisa icon in SAFE, you call up a browse which shows you the Linked Images for that particular transaction.

If you like, you can use your attached TWAIN compliant scanner to scan images directly into your computer and automatically link these into a particular transaction! For example, how about scanning in a copy of important customer checks? Or Vendor Bills? Big Purchase Orders from Customers?

And of course, you will also want to scan images and link them to Products so that they display on your Ollie web site, right?

In addition to artwork, let us suggest that PDFs can be used for all manner of record keeping. If you have our PDF SAFExtension, you can print any report or document directly to PDF. This can be great for keeping copies of all your accounting records. For example, rather than keeping bulky invoice and check copies? Simply print a second copy to PDF. SAFE can automatically link critical documents like invoices and checks directly to their transactions for instant retrieval! We even have an option SAFE which allows you to print both the original (to paper) and the PDF copy at the same time!

But then there is the need to communicate with others. Fortunately you can use the E-mail facility in SAFE to transmit these images automatically. For example, if you 'print' a PDF of a Purchase Order you can automatically e-mail that directly to your client! (If you've ever received a PDF Statement from us that's how it's done.)

And, speaking of Purchase Orders to Vendors, there is an added twist: Any images you have linked to the Products on the PO are also automatically transmitted to the Vendor! In other words, your PO and the necessary artwork are transmitted all in one go!

If your customers use Ollie for on line ordering, you can not only attach images to their Products to let them preview what they're ordering, you can also use PDF Forms to let users order their own templated items. And, unlike other on line systems, you can set up any forms you like. In other words you're limited only by what you can design in Acrobat! Your customer forms will automatically be sent to your vendor (or your office) and linked into SAFE for perfect proofs and digital artwork every time.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas on how TransLog works and why it's such a powerful (but SIMPLE!) idea. Oh you want to order it? Great. Keep reading...

Til Next Time!

Save Over 40% On Translog Now!
TransLog Extensions Have we gone insane? . Our TransLog SAFEextension is now on sale for $895 until August 31. To refresh your memory: TransLog is a SAFExtension which allows you to track changes to any and all data tables in SAFE. Want to know who changed an address? Arguing over who billed a customer with the wrong Ship To Address? Interested in data on gathering data as to which CSRs are performing particular tasks? The answer to all these questions and more is in TransLog.

TransLog is completely transparent. After installation it adds another menu option to your Utilities screen. From there you can

Until now, sales of TransLog have tended to be by our larger customers. After all, if you're doing large volumes of transactions, monitoring isn't just a good idea; it's essential! But thinking about TransLog as being only for 'big companies' is a shame really, because whether you do 50 orders a month or 5,000 there are many times when you need to know 'who did what, when'. As we so often say, 'Even the smallest broker/distributor has almost all the business complexity of the big shops!'.

Plus! In addition to the above, users of TransLog will be able to further benefit from the new editing features in SAFE 6.5 and be able to undo changes to Sales Orders, even after invoicing!

So we're glad to be able to offer this discount as a way of spreading the gospel. We're convinced that once you start using TransLog you'll find literally dozens of important benefits; not just in terms of find out "who's responsible?" but also as a management tool that can actually increase sales and provide better customer service!

So order TransLog today here or by calling us today at (206)-241-4859. You won't know how SAFE is really being used without it!

Windows XP SP2 AutoUpdate Warning!
We've been reporting this since June (NFTS Vol VI/13). Microsoft has been preparing Service Pack 2 for Windows XP. Please refer to that issue for details on why we do not recommend that you install this patch!

Unfortunately, many if not most of you have your AutoUpdate turned 'on' so you will now be receiving a 'reminder' from Microsoft to automatically install pretty much daily from now on.

Again, we strongly recommend against installing this patch and ask that you wait until the next 'patch to the patch' is available which fixes a number of known issues. This is especially important if you are using SQL Server!

Changes In XP Service Pack 2:

How XP SP2 Affects SQL Server:


Ciaran's Corner: Mouse Right Quick Tips!
It's time for yet another run about various under-utilised features in SAFE. Give these a shot:

If you're like us you hate using the mouse all the time. Well then, have you used the mouse right button on your keyboard? (It's down there just below the right shift key!). Anything you can do by right clicking you can do by pressing this.

OK, now that you're right clicking like a fiend, what can you do with this knowledge? Lots of stuff. First of all, you almost always get a popup menu which lets you Insert/Edit/Delete records instead of mousing to various buttons. But that's just the beginning.

Sales Order Browse
Commissions Override individual commissions for special case orders
Linked Images (see above!) Scan in your invoice copies for future reference
Sales Order Notes Enter internal notes regarding each order
Editing a Sales Order
Line Item Notes to customers and vendors Enter specific notes for each vendor or to the customer describing their item
Clone Line Item Save yourself re-entering the same info over and over on orders with multiple line items!
Linked Images Link artwork to individual line items on a sales order (usually for attachment on POs)
Lot Control Manage each Product by lot number
View Totals Instantly view a Product's MTD, QTD and YTD Usage and Sales
View Totals Instantly view a customer's aging

I'm fairly certain there was at least one feature here that you've missed out on. So start clicking about! SAFE is a deep product with more to discover all the time.

Til Next Time,

Ciarān Marron
Technical Support Manager

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