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Electronic Voting And Mission Critical Apps

I’m sure you’ve been seeing all kinds of articles on ‘Russian Hackers’ in the News. Several States that have dumped their fancy new electronic voting systems in favor of good old fashioned paper ballots. As a company that also makes mission critical software apps, this is something we look at with very keen interest because, let’s face it, we’re in much the same business. We’re asking our customers to trust that their electronic transactions are always (forgive the pun) ‘SAFE’.

Now our software is not usually targeted by teams of hackers sent by the foreign governments. Still, we are very mindful that any data sent over the Internet is fair game so we take many, many precautions to make sure that our software is as bullet-proof as possible. These include:

  • Providing four main updates to our software every year which include numerous bug fixes.
  • Sending you alerts to updates from our software partners, including Microsft, MySQL and WordPress so you make sure that your systems are properly patched.
  • Offering free annual threat assessments of your servers as part of your RSS contract.

These steps allow us to watch over your operation to help protect you from intruders and loss of valuable data.

No business these days can afford to go back to a paper ledger. Thankfully, modern accounting systems like Simple Accounting are pretty bullet-proof. However, the problems the electronic voting industry is having in building trust are a reminder that we at Suntower Systems can never become complacent. There are threats out there now and there will be even more as time goes by. You have our promise to always be on our guard to be offering the most hardened products possible and the most dedicated service in the industry.



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