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Cost Centers

Cost Centers? Under the Contact Management menu? Many of you will think of a Cost Center as a physical location, but in quite a few business, a Cost Center can be made up of purchases and sales from and to, many disparate places.  Well, in SAFE, a Cost Center represents a group of Contacts within a given Customer .Because what a Cost Center really represents are the individuals in the organization whose purchases are grouped together. If they are located together, fine then their location and their Cost Center are one and the same,, but if they are not, then the flexibility of this system becomes essential.

When you enter an order for a customer, or when a Contact (End-User) enters their own order through Ollie or WebSAFE, Simple Accounting can assign their order to one of the Cost Centers to which they belong. This allows you to produce Sales and Forms Management Reports for the Customer which indicate total purchases and forms usage for each of these Cost Centers.

Each Cost Center can be linked to as many Contacts as you like and any Contact may be linked to any number of Cost Centers within the same Customer ID.


One Contact may be designated as the DEFAULT CONTACT for a given Cost Center. The DEFAULT CONTACT is allowed to manage other contacts within WebSAFE or Ollie. By ‘manage’ we mean that the DEFAULT CONTACT may perform the following functions for all linked Contacts within a given Cost Center:

  1. Review all on-line orders and all reports pertaining to orde history and product usage within that Cost Center.
  2. Approve on-line orders which member contacts have created before they may actually be processed by you the distributor. Another way to say this is that the DEFAULT CONTACT for any Cost Center is the Approver of orders for all Member Contacts (those contacts which are linked to the Cost Center.
  3. Last Revision: 04.16.2014


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