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This browse box in the Setup Global Window contains possible settings which modify the behavior of Simple Accounting. These are typically set once and then left ‘as is’.

If you’re curious you can print a list of all currently active Global Options. We recommend sorting this by MODULE and keep handy if you need to make changes. That way you can always easily undo any changes you make that aren’t exactly what you had in mind.


Currently there are over 15,000 available Global Options so it is not possible to document them all here. Most are quite arcane and will not apply to the majority of customers. Options preceded by an asterisk (*) are mandatory. All others are generally optional.

Also, we really don’t want to encourage user to change settings on their own without our guidance as these can be quite dangerous if used incorrectly. (Think of them as powerful drugs that should not be used without a prescription!)

If you need to modify one of these options, you will be instructed to locate a particular entry and edit it according to the support representative’s directions.


CATEGORY The major area of the program to which this option applies. Examples are AR, AP, GL. This is usually only important for options which are part of an optional SAFExtension such as Translog.
*MODULE The name of the program area that the option applies to.
*PARAMETER The name of the option.
*VALUE Some VALUEs will be numeric; some on/off (represented by a 1 or a 0); some will be text; and some will be dates (in your system’s date format.)
DEFAULT VALUE Some options can be populated by Simple Accounting with this value when the user first encounters this part of the program.
DESCRIPTION An optional description of the function of this option. This performs no other function.
BRANCH ID This is grayed out; indicating that it is not user-definable. If you are using Simple Accounting with multiple companies, each company has a unique BRANCH ID.

If you have multiple companies and would like a particular Global Option for all companies you must set it for each company individually. These cannot be ‘shared’ between companies.
HELP TEXT A few Global Options need to display text to the operator. If so, place it here.
INTERNAL USE ONLY Check this box to prevent other users from modifying or deleting this option. Usually, these options are only set by Suntower Systems.

Please exercise great caution with this check box. If you accidentally check this box in error you will need to contact us in order to undo it.

Last Revision: 11.6.2013


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