Dates in Simple Accounting are entered according to the Short Date Format you have selected in the Regional Settings of your Windows Control Panel. (The MM/DD/YY format is most common in America).

All dates in Simple Accounting are Y2K compliant using a pivot from the year 1980. This means that if you enter any year less than ‘80’, the 21st century is assumed.

When entering a date you do not have to format the numbers. In other words, if the date is March 15, 2001 you can simply type:


…and let Simple Accounting format it properly as…


 You can also enter dates alphabetically. For example, if you wish to enter June 15, 1997 as opposed to 06/15/97, you can type in ‘June 15 1997’ and Simple Accounting will automatically re-format it into DD/MM/YY format.

 Dates are formatted on reports and in data entry controls using the Windows Short Date format set in the Windows Control Panel under Regional Settings Properties in the [Date/Time] format tab.

Some possible options include:


MM/DD/YY American


DD/MM/YY British

DD/MM/YY French

DD.MM.YY German

DD-MM-YY Italian

YY/MM/DD Japan

Last Revision: 10.17.2012


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