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How Transactions Flow Into The Check Register

How A/P Transactions Flow Into The Check Register

IMG00218.gif Entries automatically flow into the check register from other transactions in one of four ways:

  • When you generate A/P checks from the A/P Bills Browse
  • When you generate a Refund Check to a Vendor from the A/P Bills Browse.
  • When you post Customer Payments in the Customer Payments & Credits Browse.
  • When you generate a Refund Check for a Customer by pressing Apply Credit in the Sales Order Browse

IMG00219.gif NOTE THAT MOST ENTRIES THAT END UP IN THE CHECK REGISTER SHOULD NOT ENTERED DIRECTLY INTO THE CHECK REGISTER! This bears emphasis. Transactions like those above are never entered directly into the Check Register, but rather, automatically from their source modules.

For example, you could write a check to a Vendor directly from this screen, rather than selecting invoices in the A/P Browse, but doing so would not clear any open invoices for that Vendor. Even for cash purchases, if you enter the Check into this screen, you will not see it on any A/P History reports! Likewise, if you enter a customer’s deposit here directly, it will not affect their A/R balance. Nor will it show up in their Sales History, even if you allocate the check to a revenue account. The moral: Never enter a transaction into the Checkbook that originated in another module.


Of course, you can manually enter a checking transaction directly into the Check Register. This is most often done for entering non-A/P checks (such as payroll) or to enter non-trade deposits (such as gifts or employee contributions to capital).

IMG00220.gif NOTE THAT ENTRIES DO NOT FLOW INTO THE CHECK REGISTER FROM THE GENERAL LEDGER! Therefore, you should never make entries into the General Ledger which affect any bank account!



Last Revision: 11.6.2013


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