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Automating Bank Withdrawals And Payments

If you have expenses which are automatically withdrawn from your bank account on a regular basis you can use the following procedure to streamline entering this information into Simple Accounting. Begin by entering each recurring withdrawal as a Recurring A/P Invoice. This is very similar to the procedure for entering A/P Bills. If there is… Read more.

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Period Thirteen

A thirteenth period is often used by companies as a placeholder at the end of the year for adjustments to the books before closing. These are often provided by the accountant. Examples might be debt write-offs or interest deductions or earnings from investments that aren’t reported until well after December (if that’s the end of… Read more.

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When is it safe to run G/L Rebalance?

There really is no harm in running the G/L Rebalance function whenever you like–so long as one knows what to expect. Usually when a Rebalance creates unexpected results it’s because not all periods were either locked or unlocked. It’s like a waterfall from one period to the next. You’re in Period 4 of the year…. Read more.

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