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OS/SAFE For Android Is Here!


We are very pleased to announce that OS/SAFE is now available for Android devices! Two years ago, when we first offered OS/SAFE for iOS, the iPhone was the dominant mobile device for our customers. But not any more. Android devices are now more than 50% of the mobile devices market and we have heard you!… Read more.

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Long Term: OS/SAFE vs. Windows?


We’re getting more and more questions about ‘the long term’ planning for SAFE. I think there are three aspects to these kinds of questions. 1) We’re constantly hearing about ‘the death of the desktop’. But all the while, we see Microsoft continue to sell more and more copies of Windows. The truth is that the… Read more.

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There has been some confusion over our plans for the new Open Source version of SAFE. So hopefully here are some simple answers! There are two big questions everyone has: Is this a replacement for WebSAFE? The answer is a definite no. You should think of this as an alternative to (and perhaps the best… Read more.

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