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  • Long Term: OS/SAFE vs. Windows?

    August 20, 2013 : Engineering discussions by Hugh

    We’re getting more and more questions about ‘the long term’ planning for SAFE. I think there are three aspects to these kinds of questions. 1) We’re constantly hearing about ‘the death of the desktop’. But all the while, we see Microsoft continue to sell more and more copies of Windows. The truth is that the... Read more.

  • SQL 2000 End Of Life

    August 27, 2012 : Engineering discussions by Hugh

    With the year end update to SAFE (10.4) we will be ending support for SQL Server 2000. As is typical, this fourth annual update is scheduled for release around Halloween. Our records show that there are very few customers still on this platform and we expect this to shrink further with the next round of... Read more.

  • Road Map 2: Open Source

    July 11, 2012 : Engineering discussions by Hugh

    Last time, I mentioned how we have had to move past an all-Microsoft vision. So now, the future is increasingly looking Open Source&#8212. But not entirely. The first issue in moving towards Open Source, which we have just solved, is getting a Windows application to work easily (and well) with databases on the web. Microsoft,... Read more.

  • Road Map 1: The Win8 Letdown

    June 22, 2012 : Engineering discussions by Hugh

    Sorry for being out of touch. Not for lack of activity, certainly. Where we’re at; where we’ve been at for quite some time is waiting. So we wait. And you wait. What we’ve waited for is some guidance from Microsoft. Eighteen months ago we were quite happy with the direction of Windows 8. And then... Read more.



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